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Liturgical Ministries

Members of our congregation have many opportunities to take part in various aspects of our worship services. We love to see our community involved.

The Acolyte Corps of Saint John's is composed of persons (adults and youth) who serve at the altar assisting the priests or by participating in the processional traditions of our liturgy. They serve at all parish services and on special occasions, i.e. Baptisms, Confirmation, Weddings, and Funerals. Yearly activities include training sessions and several social events.
Alter Guild
Every service actually begins and ends with the work of the Altar Guild. Each week members assist the clergy and serve the Parish by preparing the sacraments and maintaining all supplies necessary for the worship services. Caring for the sacred vessels, vestments, bread, wine, linens, candles, torches and prayer stations in all the worship spaces is a true ministry. The members are organized into teams that serve on a rotating basis every four weeks. Membership is open to anyone who is willing to be trained in the proper procedures and wishes to serve God and the Parish with dedication and faith. The Altar Guild is committed to enhancing the worship experience by carefully preparing for daily services, Sunday services, special services during Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent and Easter, and also serving at baptisms, weddings, funerals and inurnments.
Working together to set the Lord’s table fosters a strong, meaningful bond of friendship and support among the members. For more information email Irene LaSusa.

Alter Servers

Altar Servers at St. John’s are lay boys and girls, men and women who have been trained to serve in some liturgical capacity for a Sunday morning Eucharist. On average, Altar Servers serve once a month. All servers scheduled for a month will be notified via a monthly schedule that is sent out. The various types of Altar Servers and their criteria for selection are as follows:

Torchbearers: Grades 2 through 5

Acolytes: Grades 6 through 12

Thurifers: Selected from Acolytes

Adult Acolytes: Adults willing to serve at 8:00 a.m.

Eucharistic Ministers: Appointed by Rector and licensed by Bishop

MC’s: Appointed by Rector

Lesson Readers: Anyone willing and able

Greeters and Oblation Bearers 

Greeters are tasked with enthusiastically welcoming all who enter the Church by making Church members and visitors alike feel cherished and important to our house of worship. Greeters also serve as a source of information, especially for newcomers who may not be familiar with the facility or available programs or who are eager to learn more about the Church.

Oblation Bearers, or gift bearers, represent the parishioners in bringing the host and wine to the altar during the service. Their role is an integral part of the Eucharist liturgy.

Each participant receives a description of duties and responsibilities before serving the Church in these roles.

Join The Usher Corps

...and make a difference in our worship services

The ushers are typically the first and last people that visitors see at our church services. They bring a friendly spirit and warmth to our services and are responsible for handing out programs, assisting people in finding a seat, managing the offerings, and for the orderly movement of people to and from communion. The men and women of our Usher Corps are personable, friendly, and sensitive to the needs of others. For more information contact the Church at 903-874-5425

The Lector Corps

The Lector Corps is a group of lay persons who serve the church by reading the day’s lessons and leading the Prayers of the People in our worship services. For more information email Fr. Ed.

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